Staying the course…

I know that I have promised to do some video posts as well as some larger posts where I  get you, the readers, involved.  That’s still on the agenda, so stay tuned.


Have you ever had a week that has caused you to lose hope, lose faith, or lose reasoning?  That was this week for me.  The week starts and you’re swimming okay, but something happens to make you start treading water; then something else happens and you start to sink.  The harder you fight, the more you get pushed down.  I’m stopping there, because you get the point.  The hardest thing to do when you’re feeling like this is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue to charge forward.


Prepare yourself; sports analogy in 3, 2, 1…


The best comparison I have right now is to think of every day like it is one major league baseball game.  In a 162-game season, you’re not going to win every game.  Even the best team in baseball last year only won 61% of their games.  That means that over 1/3rd of the time, the best regular season team lost a game.


Here are some things to remember when you start hitting the doldrums.

1) Anyone can win when things are going well, but the really good teams find a way to win when things aren’t falling their way.  If the going gets tough, stop.  Even if you’re busy; just stop.  Take a deep breath.  Find something small that can be easily accomplished and do it.  Whether it’s a Sudoku puzzle or a quick game on your phone, do something that will force you into a different mindset.


2) Make adjustments, whatever they may be.  Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  For me, terrible weeks happen, and it’s during those terrible weeks that my diet plan typically gets completely and utterly derailed.  This week, I made a conscious effort to change the way I typically think.  Instead of completely giving up, I made the choice to change, and instead, focused on the one aspect of the week that I knew I had complete control over.


3) Do something nice for someone else.  This is really hard to do when you’re feeling low, but let me tell you, it works.  In addition to some other small things, I participated in a charity golf tournament yesterday to benefit the Tyler Philopena Foundation (doing something I love for a great cause is a winning combination).  It’s a great foundation and I hope that you all can check it out at  Seeing a child like Tyler and his love for life makes you appreciate the joy that each day can bring.


Maybe this post isn’t for you right now, but when you’re feeling blue, I invite you to come back to this.  Every day might not be a victory, but don’t let a few lost games derail you from accomplishing your goals.  Wherever you are, and whatever path you are on, always remember that you are worth it.


One thought on “Staying the course…

  1. First, let me say that this is a beautiful site. I love your writing and the look of this blog.
    While I’m not stuck in a slump right now, (although there are always mini slumps I experience multiple times a day I guess), I know there will be slumps ahead, for sure! My weight has gone up and down the same 10 or 20 lbs since puberty. It’s horrible to think that this CC motivated weight-loss is just another downward movement in this endless teeter-totter weight pattern (sorry; playground analogy rather than keeping it to baseball :-)). But the optimist in me believes there is a chance that this pattern can be broken, and that it’s learning about how to deal with emotional instability that is the key to breaking the pattern. I love that your blog is addressing this relationship between our dreams and our (emotional) obstacles we need to overcome in order to reach them.
    I liked all of your tips. I plan to come back an reread them when needed. Lovely to read about your charity tournament, btw. I’ve recently read a book called “give and take” (Adam Grant) that really changed my view of generosity and the idea of giving back to the world. I’m really beginning to understand why generosity is so healthy for the giver- especially during times of stress (like the point you were making). So I love that you mentioned that and wrote about how it worked for you.
    Lastly, it’s interesting this idea of needing sometimes to focus on things we have complete control over to get us out of slumps. I really like this point. I am thinking about control quite a bit lately because of how much control I’m asserting over my food intake right now. People often talk about needing to find a healthy balance with control, etc. I know you are talking about control vs. slump, which is something very particular, but it just got me thinking about how seductive control is, and what an interesting subject control is.

    Anyway, thanks for the lovely post, and I am glad to read that you are doing a bit better. It’s nice to be able to follow you in your journey. I’m rooting for you, so while you can have slumps and falls, I am wishing for you that you stick with this wonderful course that you are on!

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