Hungry on a Diet? Try this

Most of my readers at the moment are from the CC community, mainly because that’s one of the only places where I’ve advertised my content so far.  However, this post will hopefully hit home to anyone who has been on a diet before.


It isn’t the first time I’ve been hungry on a diet, and unfortunately, it likely will not be the last.  Perhaps it was the lack of a solid breakfast that made me ridiculously hungry today, but being in a state of constant hunger will usually cause most people to lose sight of their weight-loss goals.  I’ve been there.  At many points in the past year, I’ve lost 7 or 8 pounds over the course of a few weeks only to quickly put it back on because I couldn’t fight the appetite.  It sucks.  I’m finished with that crap, and I don’t want it to happen to you.


I’ve read a few articles on “How to Decrease Your Appetite” and “Curbing the Appetite”.  I admit, some (with emphasis on the word ‘some’) are good tactics that are tried and certainly true for me.  So, from someone who is currently in the process of trying to curb my appetite, here are some of the tactics that have worked for me, along with some tactics that seem like complete myths.


1) Drink water – Survey Says: WORKS.  Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to curb the appetite.  It’s a zero calorie stomach filler, and if you add in some Crystal Light packets, makes a really excellent substitute for higher calorie drinks like soda.  Personally, I have found that during a meal, if I take a drink of water per every couple of bites of food, that I get full a lot faster and don’t necessarily require any excess caloric intake.


2) Use mouthwash – Survey Says: MYTH.  I honestly don’t know where I heard this one, but since I use mouthwash on a daily basis, I can say that for me, this is complete fiction.  My morning routine consists of brushing my teeth, using mouthwash, showering, and getting ready for work.  After my shower, I’m ready to eat, so 10 minutes of appetite suppression doesn’t cut it.


3) Chew gum – Survey Says: MIXED.  I love this and do it all the time, but it comes with caveats.  First, you need to find long-lasting gum (which in my experience, has been Trident or IceBreakers).  Second, you need to have a deep stock of gum, because once that gum loses its flavor after 20-30 minutes, the hunger comes back.  Assuming you meet those two criteria, chewing gum should be a decent suppressant.


4) Exercise – Survey Says: WORKS.  This surprises me because it seems logical that your body would need extra calories to compensate for what you just burned off, and thus, you should feel more hungry.  Some studies have shown that this may not be the case, and after doing it, I agree with those studies.  Granted, while I work out, I usually have about 32 ounces of water, so I may be cheating a bit.


5) Stay busy – Survey Says: WORKS.  Speaking from an appetite perspective, busy days at work are so much easier than days where I have more time on my hands.  I prefer hectic days where I’m running from room to room over days where I am more stagnant.  At home, I need to be doing something or I will default to food.  Playing games, fixing up the house, and writing this blog are a few things that help me stay busy.


Hopefully, this has given you a few helpful ways to curb your appetite.  Some may not work for everyone (specifically, I’ve heard mixed reviews over chewing gum), but I hope that you find success with whatever ways you choose.  The hunger bug will always be lurking; just stay strong and stay positive and you’ll do fine!  Stay active, my friends.


One thought on “Hungry on a Diet? Try this

  1. I love those tips! They seem right on the money to me 🙂 Very useful info, btw!

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