Bucket List 2013

Over the course of my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a lot of amazing experiences, and as such, coming up with a bucket list was a bit difficult for me.  I’ve been blessed with a great wife, dog, and close family, a beautiful place to call home, and lots of travel to many beautiful (and sometimes not-so beautiful) places.  That being said, there are still many things that I would love to accomplish.

While there are many “bucket list” blogs out there, I have come to follow one in particular called “Project Light to Life” (http://projectlighttolife.wordpress.com/).  Her experiences and her drive to complete the items on her list have been extremely inspiring for me, and I would highly recommend that you check it out.

In my opinion, 95% of all bucket lists are incomplete, because there are always things that you forget about when creating these things that you want to add on later.  In addition, once you complete certain items, you may strive for more.  This is the main reason why I entitled this post “Bucket List 2013”, because I’m sure there will be additional items added in 2014.

So without further ado, here are the 30 items that comprise of my bucket list.

1. Go to an indoor trampoline park

2. Participate in a mud run

3. Complete a walk for a charity

4. Complete a run for a charity

5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

6. Run a half marathon

7. Swim in the Dead Sea

8. Create an entertaining video

9. Explore a cave

10. Swim with a ride on a dolphin

11. Go scuba diving

12. Pay for someone behind me in a drive-thru line

13. Pay the toll for the car behind me

14. Buy a round of drinks for complete strangers

15. Skydive

16. Learn how to surf

17. Sleep under the stars

18. Drive a race car

19. Go to a murder mystery party

20. Visit a waterfall

21. Write a nice letter to someone for no reason without signing it

22. Babysit someone’s kids for a day to give the parents some time off

23. Go on a multi-day hike (preferably the Appalachian Trail since it’s so close)

24. Visit the Grand Canyon

25. Have a child with my beautiful wife

26. Compliment 10 strangers in one day

27. Help someone cross an item off their bucket list

28. Throw a dart on a map and travel to that place

29. Watch the ball drop in New York City on New Year’s Eve

30. Visit all 7 continents (yes, including Antarctica) (4 already complete)

What is on your bucket list?  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Bucket List 2013

  1. It seems yours and the lists on the blog your recommended were about 30 items long- so that’s how long I made mine. I feel like it’s good to have a limit, or else it could be an unmanageably long list!

    I love your idea of it being just a list for 2013, I think this would be a wonderful new years activity every year. It would be so interesting to see how they would evolve over a lifetime.

    Indoor trampoline park sounds so fun, btw! I too would love to hike the appellation trail and visit the grand canyon. The States has so many places I’d love to visit actually. Thanks for the inspiration to write this list- so simple yet such a moving exercise!

    1. grow 45 lbs of blueberries in a summer
    2. plant a japanese anemone bush
    3. volunteer for 100 hours over a one year period
    4. maintain my goal weight for 5 years (plus or minus 5 lbs)
    5. be a support for someone while they are going through the process of dying (palliative care/hospice work)
    6. bring meals to someone while they are going through a hard time
    7. be able to fill in all the country names on a map of the world to 80% accuracy.
    8. publish a letter to the editor in a newspaper
    9. bike more than 100 kms in one day
    10. complete a multi day hiking trip
    11. sew my own dress
    12. donate $1,000 of my $16,500 inheritance (that I get within the next 5 years) to a dance studio (or cross-country ski club) to finance someone’s child to take lessons for a little while
    13. go camping on my own for one night
    14. perfect a traditional Japanese dish/meal
    15. deliver a public speech (can include eulogies or big toasts)
    16. stay swimming in one of the local lakes for more than 30 mins straight.
    17. develop a relationship with a relative’s or friend’s child so that they see me as a resource and support.
    18. get the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture from a Japanese person
    19. do yoga for 180 hours in a year
    20. send my two aunts each a birthday card
    21. make a birthday dinner for someone besides my husband
    22. row for at least 3 hours in one day
    23. camp for at least 20 nights in one year
    24. go on a rowing trip at Murtle lake (a very large park lake that is motor boat prohibited)
    25. use the pressure cooker on my own
    26. use the camp stove on my own
    27. get all the food together myself for one of my husband and my multi-day camping trips
    28. complete all of the home redecorating ideas that were drafted for our house by an interior design expert (love the designs- not expensive)
    29. to not have to go pee more than two or three times a night (for a year)
    30. to send 2 of my close childhood friends (who now live far away) hand written letters (like we used to do with each other)

    • Hazel,

      Your bucket list sounds amazing! I love the variety on your bucket list; anything from gardening to volunteering to staying fit and active. In addition, you have a lot of variety in your time frames too, which is great (something you can complete in a day vs. a much longer time frame). One thing I didn’t include in my bucket list (but that I have included on the CC message board) is to reach my goal weight by December 31, 2013.

      The camping trips sound amazing, especially #13. I’ve seriously considered taking a long weekend, having someone drop me off on the Appalachian Trail on Saturday, and then having them pick me up on a Monday at a different location further along the trail. It’d be a great experience and provide me with a bit of downtime to hike and to write.

      I wish you the best of luck with your bucket list, and would love to hear of your progress as you continue to check things off your list!


  2. So glad you decided to start a bucket list – love it :)!

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