Complimentary Breakfast

Actually, this isn’t a post about breakfast or food, so if you were looking for a free bowl of cheerios… sorry, I got nothing for ya.

Rather, this post is about the true power of a compliment.  Has anyone ever gone through a time in their life where they’ve felt a lack of motivation, confidence, or drive?  All hands should be up.  Everyone has their subtle insecurities; questioning your ability to do something, questioning your self worth; questioning your self-image.  On occasion, those insecurities will pile up to the point where your motivation, confidence, and drive will exponentially suffer.  For me, it sometimes feels like quicksand.  Sometimes the harder you fight, the deeper you sink.

But also like quicksand, sometimes it takes a compliment to help pull you out of it.  Compliments don’t solve problems or complete tasks for us, but they absolutely boost our self-confidence to be more productive.  A journey towards getting healthier and losing weight provides a perfect example.  I feel as though I’ve been working very hard to work out and follow a strict diet for the past 2 months to lose weight.  There are times where I’ve told myself, “Is it worth it?”, “Maybe I’ll just work out tomorrow.”, and “I just want to have some junk food!”.  All of those doubts are the quicksand pulling you down, negatively impacting your motivation and drive.

Yesterday, I was stopped by someone who I see in the gym regularly.  We don’t hang out outside of the gym, but we often talk, give advice, and share stories while we are there (and getting advice from someone who is pretty fit seems like a wise idea).  We exchanged greetings and chatted for a minute or two, after which they said, “You look like you’re trimming down a lot.”

How would this make you feel?  When you have put your time and effort – your blood and sweat – your heart and soul – into something, achieving positive reinforcement from someone else to affirm how hard you are working is exceedingly rewarding.  Those eight words made my day!  What I appreciated the most was the fact that this person didn’t HAVE to say that, but did.  Whether it be at work, at home, in the gym, or on the field, people can be motivated by acknowledging their efforts and achievements.

So here’s what I’m asking from you, my readers (do I have any yet?).  Make a concerted effort to give one compliment a day.  It could be a simple “Good job” after a tough set in the gym, or a “I thought that report you turned in was fantastic work.”  Never underestimate the power of a good compliment.  A few words can bring a lot of joy.

Complimentary breakfast for everyone!


2 thoughts on “Complimentary Breakfast

  1. I’m happy to read that your work is paying off and that you are looking so trim lately! I will take on your compliments challenge, but I can sometimes be too effusive, and people can get the idea that I’m trying to “butter them up” or something. But looking back and thinking about receiving compliments myself- yes, I feel just like you describe- it has a strong positive effect on me to receive them.
    I actually feel better now just reading about giving compliments… I’m excited to go out and effuse. 🙂 (But I’ll try and be careful to make sure the comments are genuine and specific, maybe I’ll google “what makes a good compliment”.) 🙂
    Thanks for the great post!

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