Down, but never out

Your humble blog writer has been sick with the flu for the past few days, which likely isn’t helping the weight loss goals.  I’m still staying under my calorie count each day, but the inability to workout is going to catch up to me eventually unless I get over this sickness soon.  The most important thing to do when you’re sick is to take your medicine and rest up.  I can stay in bed for the day, but most of the time is spent trying to clear my head rather than actually sleeping.  With a head cold, I find that staying upright (walking or sitting) is a lot less stressful than lying down where the congestion just goes to your head.


Then I thought, there needs to be a way where I can work out without physically destroying myself.  There needs to be a way where I can be sick but still work out in a limited capacity.  Even though the majority of the last two days have been spent miserably going through tissue after tissue, I was determined to find small ways where I could stay active.


Workout choice #1: Treadmill

And when I say treadmill, I mean walking on the treadmill.  During a usual run, I’m going around 5.8 to 6 mph, sometimes faster on a good day, sometimes slower on a bad day.  Walking on the treadmill while you’re sick means you should cut your average time in half, maybe more.  Today, I walked for a mile at 3 mph, and even that may have been a bit fast for me.  Take your time and don’t worry about walking fast.  In addition, don’t worry about making the walk continuous.  I broke up my 20 minute mile walk into three pieces.  When you feel even a bit tired, it’s time to stop.


Workout choice #2: Stretching

I have never tried yoga, but subtle stretching seems to work for me.  This is less of a workout and more of just getting your muscles and joints loose.  The stretching that I did today helped ease the stiffness that I’ve been feeling over the last few days.  It also gets your mind focused on other parts of your body rather than what hurts the most with the flu.


Workout choice #3: Walking the dog

This goes under the same premise as the treadmill, except you are getting some fresh air and so is your dog.  The unfortunate part about today was that my dog and I were home alone and we were both sick (I won’t get into the details of her sickness).  I think the fresh air helped us both.  I liked the outside walk because I could control my own pace and take breaks as necessary.


I will reiterate that the most important thing to do when you’re sick is to rest.  Take care of yourself and don’t overexert your body.  I began to feel the symptoms on Thursday night, and Friday I did absolutely nothing but rest.  When you are sick, listen to what your body is telling you.  If your body says rest, do it.  Today, mine said to try and slowly get back to normal, but I recognize that it will take time.


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