Bucket List 2013

I hope that you find my blog and my bucket list inspiring, and I welcome you to post your own bucket list items as well!  As I cross items off my list, I’ll post the links to each individual one below.

1. Go to an indoor trampoline park

2. Participate in a mud run

3. Complete a walk for a charity

4. Complete a run for a charity

5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

6. Run a half marathon

7. Swim in the Dead Sea

8. Create an entertaining video

9. Explore a cave

10. Swim with and ride on a dolphin

11. Go scuba diving

12. Pay for someone behind me in a drive-thru line

13. Pay the toll for the car behind me

14. Buy a round of drinks for complete strangers

15. Skydive

16. Learn how to surf

17. Sleep under the stars

18. Drive a race car

19. Go to a murder mystery party

20. Visit a waterfall

21. Write a nice letter to someone for no reason without signing it

22. Babysit someone’s kids for a day to give the parents some time off

23. Go on a multi-day hike (preferably the Appalachian Trail since it’s so close)

24. Visit the Grand Canyon

25. Have a child with my beautiful wife

26. Compliment 10 strangers in one day

27. Help someone cross an item off their bucket list

28. Throw a dart on a map and travel to that place

29. Watch the ball drop in New York City on New Year’s Eve

30. Visit all 7 continents (yes, including Antarctica) (4 already complete)


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